Tuesday , October 25 2016

Berlitz Karachi Fee Structure Unveiled

Berlitz fee structure

KARACHI: “Berlitz Karachi Fee Structure Unveiled” is a blog that is written to quench the thirst of those who are desirous to join Berlitz. Many people in Karachi including students and professionals want to improve their English language skills and they are always in search of good English language institutes …

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When Will Our Police Be Reformed?

Karachi buses

KARACHI: “Turn the coach back”! A police constable got onto the coach hurriedly and misbehaved with the coach driver and ordered him to turn the coach back. He asked the passengers to leave the coach and asked the driver again to turn the coach back. It was half past seven …

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13 Things That Cause For Unsuccessful Life


NEW YORK: A journalist, Napoleon Hill, researched on more than 500 people who due to work hard became millionaires. The journalist spent 20 years in this research and then he wrote a book. He not only disclosed the secrets to become rich but also unveiled big reasons that cause for …

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6 Movies You Must Watch


NEW YORK: Have you been tired of watching such movies that are unable to impress you? Or they entertain you but there is no real message in them? If yes, there are 6 movies you must watch that will surely affect you and enable you to get your aim in …

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North Korea To Launch A Satellite Soon

North Korea

PYONGYANG: According to the East Asian states, it is possible that North Korea will launch its controversial satellite on coming Sunday. According to reports, the government of Japan has said that North Korea will send this satellite carrier rocket to the space between 7 to 14 February. It is pertinent …

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LG G5 Is A Completely Different Smartphone

LG Smartphones

BARCELONA: LG G5 is a completely different Smartphone that is going to be launched in February 2016. In this new Smartphone, a unique feature is going to appear which is not present in any of other devices. LG G5 will be presented in Mobile World Congress Technology Exhibition that is …

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India Has Failed To Protect Religious Minorities

religious minorities in India

NEW YORK: Human Rights Watch (HRW) has said that India has failed to protect religious minorities. The organization that works for human rights across the world has said that the Indian government has failed to protect religious minorities as well as freedom of expression or speech. The organization has issued …

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50 Lakh Pakistani Passports Are Issued Every Year

passport offices in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: The trend to get a passport has increased in Pakistan and now, average 24 thousand people apply for passports daily across the country. Director General Passport, Usman Ahmed Bajwa told BBC in Islamabad that 16 to 18 thousand people daily applied for passports one year ago but this number …

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Who Is An Ideal Man?

loving person

An ideal man is the person who is always taking care of others without any advantages while neglecting himself. He is always ready to help others and benefits them from his essence. He does not care whether he receives any money or reward after his good deeds with others or …

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